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    Love the site!
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    here you get E aadhar
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    Never received a ballot for this election.

    Larry Schulz and Estelle Carson
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    Surprised to see a lack of participation here and the mail i got had the wrong web address on it
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    Action Committees are comprised of people with similar interests. They focus on community outreach and working with legislators at the local level to help make Clay County a better place to live. Meeting minutes are available for review in the office. I’m excited to have you join us. I look forward to meeting you.
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    What are the action committees? I’m interested in getting involved. Also, are minutes from previous meetings available? Thanks!
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    Oops! Saturday’s Events star at Noon and run until 3 PM. Sorry.
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    Week End of Action this week! Thursday Night, 6:30 – 9:00 PM, we are making signs for our Protest March on Friday. Come to the Blanding Office. BYOB and some kind of eats. Friday, we meet at the corner of Kingsly and Park in Orange Park to March in support of Education. 3:00 – 6:00 PM on the Side Walks! Saturday, we are back at the office for voter registration, postcard signing, phone banking. Jess is Grilling. It starts at 10! Get involved with Democrats in Action. We are the Party of Hope!
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    We are currently forming action committees, if you are interested please phone/email the office and we will be in touch. Thank you!
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    Is the IT meeting this Thursday at the office address: 868 Blanding Blvd, Suite 124, Orange Park, FL. 32065? I don’t see any other location listed.
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    I live abroad. Is it possible for my to Skype into the meeting on the 28th? Depending on what time it is? thanks, Nancy
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    IT Committee Meeting this coming Thursday at 6 PM. Need all people with IT and Social Media experience to attend.
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    The monthly meeting of the DEC will be held on the 23rd of January at 6:30 PM at the Blanding Office. I hope all DEC members and volunteers will be able to attend.
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    Our next general meeting is Monday, Jan 28, 2017, at the office.

    Isn’t January 28th a Saturday?
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    Rueben—Thanks for your interest! Our next general meeting is Monday, Jan 28, 2017, at the office. Check this website for the time. Email us at for more info.
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    I’d like to know if Clay County Dems hold any meeting for people to become active in the party? I know it’s too late for this election, but we still have 2020.
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    Hi, Nancy—The National Popular Vote is also a good way to go, wherein states agree to have all of their electors vote for the winner of the national popular vote—this would have a good effect, and not require a constitutional amendment. To get in touch with FL representative, you can google Sen Bradley and Rep Cummings, or whomever your local reps are—this would be a state house issue. Thanks for you interest and enthusiasm!
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    I would like to support Senator Barbara Boxer’s movement to abolish the electoral college. It is obviously not serving our country. At the very least, FL should not elect the all or nothing system wherein electors MUST vote for the majority vote of their state. How can I get in touch with FL senators to push this agenda? Please who should I write to both Democrat and Republican? Thanks, Nancy Bishop
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    James—we will welcome your participation. The new office number is 904-375-8417. However, your best contact is to email We don’t currently have regular office hours. Hope to be in touch soon!
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    I stopped by the office yesterday and also tried calling the 800 number multiple times throughout the day but had no success. I’m looking to get involved/started on 2018 midterms. Could you let me know a better number to call?

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    Linda—come by the office any day through Tuesday—opportunities for canvassing (sorely needed) and phone banking. Drop in between 9 AM and 9 PM any day—and keep up the good work of encouraging friends and neighbors to vote!
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    This is my third try and I apologize. I hope to see new ads that support Hillary since I have seen 3 more new ads the latest showing Guiliani who I cannot stand. More new ads for voters to see how important she is. More attention to appeal to the African Americans community for how important their vote is. Already talking to my Afican American neighbors to vote. How can I help?
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    Clay County Democratic party will hold its next regular meeting on Monday, Oct 24, at 4 PM at the Democratic office at 868 Blanding. Our speaker will be the popular columnist and radio host Andy Johnson. He’ll be giving us an upbeat message on why it is great to be a Democrat in Clay County. Campaign updates, 50/50 (1$ per each, 6 for $5) and cookies!! All are welcome!
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    Karen thanks for your help—not sure of this week’s schedule, but I know they can use your help!
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    Sandy good to see you’re still around I’ll drop by the office today Tuesday would love to come and help.
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    Yes, we would welcome your assistance. Please drop by the office at 868 Blanding to give us your contact info, or email it to And thank you!
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    Is there any plan to provide transportation to wiling voters who are shut ins or who otherwise need a ride to the polls to vote? If so, I would be willing to participate.
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    Regular meeting of the Clay County Democratic Party and DEC will take place at 4 PM on Monday, July 25 at the office located at 868 Blanding, Suite 124 (Marshall’s Plaza near Dollar Tree). All are welcome!