DEC Committees


We recognize that our members come with different professional backgrounds, interests, talents, and availability to use their gifts. Clay County Democrats have established committees in order to better reach our community and maintain lasting relationships. We encourage all DEC members to join one or two committees.





Technology Team

Supports the DEC current members and other committees in their technology needs. Broadcast the Democratic Party values and ideas into the community through technology. Provides education on social media and technology to the members. Maintain social media platforms including; Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Update and maintain office hardware, software, and the website.


Membership Care Team

The Membership Care Committee of the CCDEC seeks to recruit, retain, and promote membership and active participation in DEC meetings, activities, and programs through communication and support of members.


Outreach Team

Reach out across clay county communities to engage citizens in the election process and educate them of the importance of voting. Expand voter registration, Advocacy, education, Develop educational materials for outreach.


Office and Administration Team

Maintains the office facility and staffs the office regularly. They create work flow procedures and organization. 


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